Thursday, April 16, 2009

Renovation Rescue

I have been looking through home decorator stores for quite a long time trying to find something for the centre of my dining table. I have looked everything - vases, bowls (filled with all sorts of fruit, balls, ornaments), runners etc and have been totally unable to make a decision on what would be right. Nothing seemed to fit. So, I started assessing my current home decorations and what I could swap around (and donate to charity stores). I have a hutch filled with all sorts of beautiful and sentimental pieces collected over the years. I came across a lovely set of candelabras which we were given as an engagement present. I moved them to my dining table and they are perfect! Simple style and even the candle colour is right! It just goes to show that a mini home makeover can be done just by re-arranging pieces! Something which can look awful in one room, can look awesome in another!

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