Thursday, April 30, 2009


My husband and I went away for a night recently without the kids, for the first time in many year My lovely Mum and Dad took over for the night and we left the building ready to be waited on. Turns out in the town that we booked our night away in everything closes down on a Sunday night. For a town that has a lot of lovely restaurants - we had one to choose from. Lovely wait staff, but the ambiance left a little to be desired (possums had destroyed most of the chairs), and the food was reheated frozen dinners. Oh well, at least I didn't have to wash up.

The next day we headed into town to have a shop. Some of the shops were lovely and filled with the most glorious items. But it soon became apparant to us that this was a town full of Hobbiest. There were quite a few shops that you could see the owners had thought - Hmmm, everyone loves chocolate (for e.g), and I can make them - I'll open a shop. One particular shop had combined candles and bottles filled with different coloured sand. Not my cup of tea, but I must say the chocolate shops (there were many) were good.

All the power to them, and good on them for following their dream!!!!

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