Friday, April 24, 2009


I love my PJ's but I am not one to pop them on after my shower at 6pm at night. We don't often get visitors, but you never know when someone might knock on our door to tell us we have won a house!! (doesn't hurt to dream). So I have my staples that I pop on after my shower that I am comfortable in, but don't feel to daggy in. My pilates pants or yoga pants are always on rotation, along with singlets, t-shirts and a few well worn cardigans. They don't need ironing, they still look respectable and most of all they are comfortable to lounge about in.

I am a subscriber to the notion that clothes can enhance a woman's mood, so I tend to pick my "lounge" items carefully, following my rules of - no ironing, comfortable and flattering. Sticking to black, grey and white also helps (you can always through on a bright singlet or cardie if you need some colour in your life). Sometimes I have spent only $10 on an item, but most of the time I tend to spend a reasonable amount on these items, because I want the quality and I want it to last. These are items that I would wear 3-4 times a week on a regular rotation. It is funny how we women can spend hundreds of dollars on a dress that we might wear on a special occasion maybe once or twice, but we will head down to the cheapest chain store we can find when we want our staples that we will wear hundreds of times in a year? Go figure.

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