Monday, July 25, 2011

Winter warmers

I (much to my waist line's dismay) love puddings.  I am sure so many people out there have the same story but warm winter puddings remind me of my beautiful grandmother.  Any time we had a family dinner with her which was at least once a week, she made a beautiful pudding for dessert.  Baked custard, apple crumble, apply pie,  YUM.  Not to mention all the delicious homemade biscuits she always had in her cupboard.

So when I was sitting down having a relax looking at my daily reads I got very sentimental when I read Ada and Darcy's latest post

So today's post is all about our Granny's and what makes us think of them.

My Gran always was seated with either her knitting or her crochet hook.
Love these little gems from Vaavoom.

She was always drinking tea out of a lovely teacup.

With the anzac biccies

Hmmmm, I miss her. 


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