Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pastel Dots

Stalking a site I love (Concrete and Honey) I found these gorgeous pastel garland of dots.  So pretty and such a simple idea, but I think it is all in the colour palette.

They are sewn together, which again is so simple but inspired.  The blogger obviously has much more of a love affair with her sewing machine then I do (I do try though).

Hence our theme today - pastel dots:

Shoes - how I love you.  They really do make me happy....

Sweet.  The covering of this very ordinary chair has given it new life.

These little gift boxes go perfectly with the chair!

Gorgeous little covered pins from Paper Pumpkin

Rabbit and The Duck always line their gorgeous little clutches and wallets with a polka dot print. 

Polka Dots are always alluring.

Happy Shopping 
Jen and Row


  1. Who doesn't feel happier just looking at polka dots?!♥ Pastels here are just beautiful. You have quite the eye! Thank you so much for featuring PaperPumpkin's Peach Tree polka dotted fabric push pins!Come and enjoy 15% off everything in our shop! Now I just have to shop around your other pretty features! Thanks again, ~kathy

  2. Ah pastels and polkas - 2 very lovely things! thanks for stopping by Gild & Grace :) Abbey x

  3. Lovely colors! Loving those fabulous shoes! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend ahead, Kellie xx