Monday, July 18, 2011

Grey and Pink - back in vogue?

My 70 year old dad told me yesterday that the Pink and Grey colour combination was very fashionable.  This from a man (be a very sweet wonderful man) that spends his life in his fishing gear... God love him.

However I then came across this beautiful quote on Seven Cherubs Blog and what do you know - Pink and Grey.  Dad is a man ahead of his time. (By the way, you should visit Seven Cherubs Blog - Naomi has some wonderful and inspiring ideas on Happiness!)

So what can I find in Pink and Grey to change my mind:

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

A Wedding colour combination - very pretty.

Pink or Red? - it's on the list anyway.  From The Little Gem

Very Cute heels.

So - guess I was wrong.

Jen and Row


  1. From the other shimi gal - Row. Yes! I have a fantastic sunnygirl dress in pink and grey. I wear it with grey tights. My sis has actually borrowed the outfit at the moment because its soooo lovely. So i guess its in - if I'm wearing it?? ha ha

  2. Pink and Grey was a big trend in 1980s when I first ventured into interior design. Like most things old does become new again. Good on your lovely Dad