Saturday, July 9, 2011


I don't know what it is about Jennifer Aniston, but she is fresh and fun and charming, and I love her style.

I thought she looked fantastic and summery in this white skirt and grey tank top:

Until I saw this photo:

 No matter how yogatastic your body is, sheer white is not the best look unless you are in bikinis at the beach.  The actual cut of the skirt with the t-bone sandals and tight singlet is an absolute winner, but lets rethink the fabric.

We are all guilty of this I am sure.  White is such an inviting colour but leaves little to the imagination, but I guess Jen has done enough photos shots with little on that it is no real surprise anyway.

So when can we get away with sheer fashion?

Sheer Scarves - GOOD :

Sheer Pants - BAD :

Now home decor is one place where sheer generally doesn't equate to tacky.

These sheer curtains are gorgeous.  I love light curtains rather then have dark curtains.  They make a room feel bigger and fresher. 

This is a really interesting idea.  Clear chairs covered with sheer white fabric. 

Happy shopping

Jen and Row 

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