Monday, July 11, 2011

Old Yella

I grew up with my mum saying "Not many people can wear yellow" which I took to the bank until I was about 25 and starting experiencing the joy of wearing a bright happy colour like yellow.  I am now a huge convert and wear it all the time in various shades.  It hangs on my walls and accessorizes with my wardrobe.

Lets walk the yellow brick .... blog.

Kindle or Kobo case from Ambette at  .  You won't lose this in your bag.

Oh I do love this look - except I think the boobs need to be better protected...

Cute, simple and funky, from Urban Attitude

I would possibly wear pants with this one..  But it is gorgeous top, great with jeans.

Jadore this top from Bumblesea

Love these shoes - and check out this blog - very stylish.

In these cold months where fashion seems to revolve around black add a splash of yellow to your wardrobe.

Jen and Row

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