Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everything is coming up Roses

I love Roses.  Yes, they are a little old fashioned and some would say a bit boring, but they are my choice of flower.  I think it is the scent and the memories it gives me.  My beautiful Dad was buy me for Xmas and birthdays every year a bottle of Yardleys Rose perfume.  I was only little so I didn't quite get how special that was, but I remember it fondly now.  I have asked my husband to create the same tradition with out daughter.  As you become a mum you realise that you are chief present buyer, so the fact that even though mum had all the presents organised, my dad (who is NOT a shopper) would find some time to pop down to the chemist to buy my bi-annual perfume was really sweet.

Hence my love of Roses.


Very Pretty Ring

Rose Bud Skirt

Or a gorgeous Cottage Rose Scarf

Share your fond childhood memories with us - we love your stories.

Jen and Row


  1. What a lovely memory :) Roses are my favourite too by a mile! Abbey x

  2. It's funny, I'm really warming to roses, at the flower market I'm amazed with all the colours roses come in, and the scent.....amazing.