Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Tears

Oh my god.  It has been the day from hell.  My daughter turned 7 today and it started out beautifully.  She loved her presents and even received the same present from us and her aunt.  Rather then return it to get something else my beautiful, kind girl gave it to her brother.

We had a small party with six of her little girlfriends which went well and it all turned to tears by the end of the party.  It is now 4 pm (party finished at 12) and she has only just stopped crying.  I am a tad frazzled needless to say.

But the party was nice and simple so that was a bonus, and the cake was very easy.  I saw a lovely Donna Hay cake - a plain love heart iced in pink icing with white choc dots around the edge.  I couldn't find  a large heart shaped tin, so I went with a round cake with a little love heart on top.

Here are some other really simple kids cakes that should (should) keep them happy.

So sweet with just a little ribbon it makes a gorgeous little girls cake.  From Donna Hay (of course)

Very simple and a great one to do with the kids from The Lark Blog.

This is so delightful but simple.  From Also Heaven.

Of course you could really make life simply and buy a cake.  I love these little cupcakes from Lets Have Cupcakes

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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