Monday, July 11, 2011

Back To School

My little girl started a new school today.

She was quite pleased about this and even wanted to do a talk in front of her new classmates.  This is one of the many differences between my daughter and myself - she craves the lime light - that is my worst fear!  I am so very proud of her.

However she is off to a nice little catholic school and whilst I am not one of those mums that wear heels and make-up and looks like they are wanting to be discovered for the next serious of "The Real Housewives of .... Manly", (I only joke because I am jealous), I do feel like I need to make a little more effort when picking up my daughter now.

Although I will never look like Posh ...

Sometimes I do look like Tia

So the back to school search is as follows:  So a basic "uniform" for mum would include a great pair of jeans, couple of cute tops, cardigan, coat and boots.  And don't forget a great "mum" bag..

Jeans - always a problem, but I do love these ones that Reese Witherspoon is in.  I know, the rips are a little hows ya father, but I love the look.  Must be a throw back from the 90s for me.

Next - the tops, one white, one black and colourful.


Love this first t-shirt.  Funky, with a little edge to it, yet still simple and best of all it probably doesn't need to be ironed!!  Actually love the pants as well.

Love a black and white striped top.  This one is from

This woman is ultra talented, I have been a fan of Pamela Tang's Etsy store for a long time.  

Of course the Mummy Bag - Shimi's Dewberry Tote is big enough for all the things us mum's have to lug around.

What is your "mum" uniform?  What works for your day to day life in looking stylish with little effort?  

Jen and Row

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