Sunday, May 8, 2011

Organic T-Shirts

As  we wait for the next natural disaster to hit us I cannot help but think about what we are doing as a community to help our environment.

There is also so much controversy surrounding Australian politics in respect to the carbon tax.  (I do notice that at most of the rallies the against protesters seem to be over 50 and the for supporters seem to comprise of mostly the young and families with small children - speaks volumes to me).

I spend a lot of time worrying about what will become of this earth that I am bringing my children into.  In fact before we had children I actual considered NOT having children simply because I was scared for them.  Obviously the maternal instinct was far to strong for me and 3 children later I am finding it hard to agree with my husband that 3 is enough.

So what can we do to help our environment?  Many simple things : recycle, conserve electricity, pick up litter.  All very simple things that we can do without thinking about, and we can teach our children.  Another thing we can do is be more cautious about what we buy.  Try to look for fair trade products, don't buy anything with palm oil in it and buy organic if you can.  It can be tricky buying organic as it can be expensive when it comes to food, however with clothing and apparel that price gap is minimal if any.

At Shimi we support organic and fair trade products.  All our products in our Shimi Store are hand made and/or made from organic materials.  However as Shimi specialises in bags, clutches, and wallets we thought we should start showcasing some other great online stores that sell Organic products.

Bellus Fruz is a great website that sells Organic T-Shirts.  Cute designs for both men and women and at around $40 a shirt, this is a great price for something original and eco-friendly.

Have a look at Bellus Fruz at

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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