Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stripes, stripes and more stripes

Stripes get a bad wrap I think.  The old "never wear horizontal stripes because it makes you look bigger".

Well I say wear what makes you comfortable.  I also think stripes are very stylish.  Take a look at these great Mango designs.

Great look and very flattering.  Horizontal strips around the shoulders make the hips look smaller, and vertical lines add length to the torso.  Great Dress.

The nautical feel.  Try with red accessories also.

Gorgeous colours in this dress make a simple style very striking.

A simple shift dress with great some great detailing.

Sweet little dress.

Again another comfortable dress.  A draw string waist makes this comfortable dress flattering by pulling it in at the waist.

Shirt dress, put with flat ballet shoes, perfect daytime outfit.


Lots of comfortable stylish dresses in this lot.  Take you pick.

Jen and Row

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