Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monkey and the Brown Man

I'm very excited to have found this site : Monkey and the Brown Man

This label makes to order.  The benefit environmentally to working this way?  No excess products.  Fabric, clothing and apparel make up a huge percentage of landfill.  Much of this is due to consumers updating their wardrobe, but another very large amount is made up of unused fabric and unsold products.  Hence, producing only what is needed is a fabulous way to aid in keeping our planet happy :)

Monkey & the Brown Man have some very cute, funky clothing for girls and guys.  Quite simple designs, but very stylish cuts, bright hues and a flirty feel to them.

Of course I am always focused on the women's clothing (my husband can shop for himself!), however Monkey and the Brown Man have a great men's organic t-shirt range.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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