Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rabbit and The Duck

You can probably tell we are huge fans of Rabbit and The Duck (don't forget we have a sale on all their products at the moment).

I recently have had four girlfriends have bubs and I gave them all a Rabbit and The Duck wallet and a pair of Lisa Renee Vintage Baby Shoes.

The wallet is fantastic to pop in your keys, and a little bit of change for those days at the park or a walk with bub in the pram.  There is nothing worse then carrying around a big purse with ALL your cards and info and/or a big handbag around the park when you are also running around after a little one.  These wallets can be easily hidden or tucked into your pocket for those occasions.

And the shoes!!!!  Well I always thought they were cute, but now I have a bub of my own that I can road test our products on, I understand how truly wonderful they are.  I had just about given up on shoes for my babies because they would always fall off and I would come home missing a shoe or a sock and bub would have cold feet.  My little one hangs out in his Jardine Star's all day and THEY STAY ON!!!  I have bought pairs for all my new mum friends and they are equally in love with the baby shoes and are gearing up to buy the next sizes up.

Just thought I would share with you.


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