Friday, May 6, 2011

Is it worth it?

Sometimes in my family I think it isn't really worth celebrating my birthday or Mothers Day thank to my husband.  It is usually more work for me then any other day as I am trying to remain enthusiastic for two little children that want to make it a nice day for me but have a husband that is just stressed out by the whole thing.  (Let me add, he is normally fantastic, but when there is any expectations placed on him, he sort of stresses out).

It is not a great day in our family today, especially for my husband, as it is the one year anniversary of the death of his mum.  So I am letting this pass THIS time, the problem is he does this every Christmas, birthday, mothers day.

My husband always leaves getting me a pressy until the last minute and then gets grumpy with me because he "has" to go out and get the present.  Every year I tell him I would rather him be happy and have no present (knowing full well that I would be the grumpy on if he didn't make some sort of an effort) then have to put up with his bad mood because he has to go to the shops - which he hates.

So it happened again today but  this time he took it to a new level.  I really want Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals cookbook.  He couldn't get it - sold out.  So he came home after shopping, told me the long story about how a young woman was holding the last copy and ended up buying it.  That is fine, I didn't expect him to wrestle her to the ground for it.  However he went on to then tell me what he DID get for me.  Thanks for the surprise.

My daughter has told me everything that she has made me as well.

Thank goodness for my son who won't utter a word.  I pick him up from Kindy and ask him about his day and his response is "I can't tell you".


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