Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mothers Day Morning

I had the most gorgeous morning with my sons today.  My 4 year old (yes, the one who claims his watermelon is "too salty" and orange is "to scruffy") had his kindy Mothers Day morning today.

We did Art and Craft together and we were sung to and then finally were served morning tea by our little ones.

It was delicious and fun and wonderful.

Our favourite part as mums of this day - the story the children told of each of their mums.  Mine was as follows:

My mum is nice.  She loves MacDonalds.  She just does the washing and cleans our house.  She makes yummy food.  Yum.  She likes to watch the news. I like it when she takes me to MacDonalds.

I love it, because we really see how they think.  It is very nice that I am "nice", however MacDonalds is NEVER on our menu, so I think it is a bit of wishful thinking there.

One of my other favourites from another child was "My mum is 15 or maybe 5".

Bless them.


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