Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Travel Journal

I just visited my best friend in hospital last night to meet her newborn son.  Even though I have a 4 months old myself, I was instantly clucky again - newborns are just the sweetest thing on earth.

I love her story though.  At 34 El got married last year and promptly told everyone at the wedding reception that it was time for her husband to get to work and get her pregnant.  We all laughed thinking that they would enjoy their honeymoon and try for a baby later in the year.  Not the case, El had morning sickness for the majority of their European holiday.

It is really not fun being sick whilst on holidays no matter how happy about being sick you are.  I had an infected wisdom tooth on one holiday and was so dosed up with pain killers I didn't know where I was and promptly left my husband's work camera (it was digital and this was when digital was just new and nobody could afford one) in the hire care.  My husband had to make a mad dash off the plane to retrieve it.  All I could do it look at him when he arrived back on the plane and say "OK, let me have it".  I let him rant and rave for a few minutes and then feel asleep.  The painkillers had their use!

Do you have a great travel story?  So our theme today is travel.  We have just included the gorgeous Rabbit and The Duck Travel Journal Wallet on www.shimi.com.au (at the top).

We have found some gorgeous Travel Inspired fashion, decor and craft.

This pillow case from My Bearded Pigeon is bright and fun.  Great as a featured cushion.

These envelopes are from Caffeinated Prints.  I never receive mail via the post anymore.  How special would it be to receive a letter with this as the envelope?

Another great way to use old maps is for wrapping paper.  Love this display from Kikki K.

So of course we need to look at real Travel Journals.  This one is from Odds N Blobs.

Love this little Caravan Travel Journal from Tamptation also.

Happy Travels

Jen and Row

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