Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Tropical Wedding

I have a wedding to go to in Fiji at the end of the year and I am very exciting.  Mainly because I love a wedding, but Fiji is pretty high on the excitement gauge as well.

Not sure what our beautiful bride will be wearing but I have no doubt she will look gorgeous.  I guess the groom will as well, but really, it's all about the bride isn't it.  The dress can sometimes be the easy part, it's everything else that goes along with the dress that takes up the head space.

(This lovely headdress is from Petal and Thorn)

I was not your typical bride.  Yep, I had the white dress and the flowers and my father walked me down the isle, but my mum had to literally force me into a bridal boutique to choose a dress and the flowers... well I asked the florist what they thought, first suggestion, yep that sounds fine.  It was a low key wedding, 45 people, no bridesmaid or groomsman and it was a really special day.  I think it was simple and elegant, just as I wanted.  If I did it again - all exactly the same, except I would wear my hair down.  And maybe I would not invite the older woman (who shall remain nameless)  who got shamelessly drunk and attempted to get down on the dance floor with my poor 18 year old cousin.  Not pretty.

And that is the problem with weddings isn't it?  This is a day that will be high on the memory list for the rest of your life, so you have to get it right.  You don't want to look back in 10 years and cringe at the dress you chose.  A tropical wedding is always safe though I think as the theme never gets old - tropical equals (to me), happy, pretty and joyous.

We have found a few lovely things that suit our idea of tropical weddings .....

This is a Tropical Coconut Pavlova Cake.  Just gorgeous and elegant still keeping with the tropical theme.

What a sweet idea

The Hibiscus Flower - so tropical. 

Now as a guest, what am I going to wear.  Not only do I have myself to dress, but three kids and a husband.  Oh well, I'll worry about myself first huh!

I am loving this Aryn K dress

Or maybe I should build my wardrobe around my clutch

Or around the shoes

It is quite nice shopping for summer things in winter...

Ok, so I can't resist having a look for my daughter

Oh, this little dress is delightful.  Not overly formal but with a cute pair of sandals and a pretty headband I think she will pass with flying colours.

This is handmade from Sweetie Pie Designs.

Well I think the search for Miss 7s dress is done, but still nothing for me.  Oh well.  Any suggestions??

And tell us, what would you do different if you had your wedding again?

Jen and Row

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