Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Natural Elements - our Top Ten Favourites.

 I have never felt particularly sophisticated.  I am short and curvy and I guess my idea of sophisticated is tall and willowy.  Think Audrey Hepburn or Cate Blanchett.  They always looked/look stylish and polished.  Audrey wore the LBD so well, and when going a bit more casual, it was cigarette pants and twin sets.  Cate on the other hand does wear very quirky things, but she seems to always wear the very streamlined designs.  However the two things they have in common is that they wore/wear neutral colours and if there is bold colouring in the outfits, it is limited to one bold colour.

I think it was Audrey Hepburn that said before you go out look in the mirror and take one thing off.  Less is More in other words.

We have compiled a list of our top Natural and Neutral items to create that fantastic sophisticated look.

  1.  At the top of the page is a gorgeous skirt from Mango, available from our Amazon Store (and half price at the moment).  With a slight flair this give the impression of a smooth streamlined skirt without having to worry about going on the Cabbage Soup diet before hand.  Navy Blue and Cream, great colours to mix and match with and a touch of yellow brings some sunshine to the look.

2. Freesia Portfolio .  Very cute little bag with natural elements in the handle and buttons.  All organic and earth-friendly materials used in the satchel with front pockets for small items and interior products to keep little items from getting lost at the bottom of the bag.  Available from our store www.shimi.com.au .

3.  Kenneth Cole Earrings.  Simple yet unusual.  Gold will mix and match with almost anything, especially the earthy colours.

4. Sandals may not be great for the weather at the moment, but these are very stylish.   Pop on some subtle nail polish and you are good to go.

5. Natural fabric brooch from Wild Ginger Silk.  Brooches are very hot right now.  Soft and romantic pin this as a feature or even to hold a cardigan together.  Buy two and pin them as a feature on a pair of plain black ballet slippers.

6.  A belt is a must.  This wide cream leather eyelet elastic belt is very chic.  Pop this on with our Number 1. skirt and a navy top.  From Topshop.

8. Mango Dress.  This I love.  Soft natural fabric, floaty with a beautiful cut.  Great as just a dress, but equally lovely over a pair of skinny jeans or tights.

9. Beaded Cuff from Monkey Buns.  Soft colour but with a slight edge that cuffs bring.

10.  Last but not least, a classic white shirt.  This one from Aryn K is stylish and anything but boring with it's different textures.  

Happy Shopping
Jen and Row

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