Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bird Stack Cards

I love handmade cards.  My mother makes beautiful cards and has taken to giving friends and family packs of 20 for presents, which is such a great idea.  I never have cards on hand, so it was so handy just to go to the cupboard and pull out a very special card when I need it.

There is a real art to marking cards as well.  When mum, who is very crafty, starting making cards she got very excited at the thought that my sister and I would also get into the card making business.  She loves the thought of us all sitting around "crafting" and chatting, but I am a sewing, my sister makes jewellery and neither of us are into making cards.  In fact I am hopeless at it.

So when I found these at Etsy by wendyjune I feel in love with them.  SO cute.


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