Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town

I'm such a sucker for a Kenny Rogers song and this is coming from a Country Music fledgling.  But from a young age my aunt and uncle listened to him and I feel in love.  Kenny and Dolly, a match made in heaven.  Although have you seen Kenny's face lift?  He looks constantly surprised those sleepy eyes he used to sport are gone :(

Anyway, July is imminent and the birth stone is Ruby.  Oh Ruby, don't take your love to town.  Put it in your wardrobe for goodness sake!  Red is the bomb for me.  I don't do red lipstick... but I wish I could.  So I supplement my wardrobe with lots of red pieces, especially tops and shoes.  Accessories in red definitely work well as you can still keep the demure classic look but funk it up a bit with a great bangle or bag.

Her is what we have found:

Of course from Shimi

A little Max and Cleo of the shoulder number.

Soft and casual, love the look of this Mango Skirt.

Had to add this one as well.  A little more formal but no less versatile is this Mango Red Skirt.

How cute is this.  Wouldn't you feel like you were in an old 50s movie wandering along with this on your shoulder.  Of course to get the full effect you would need to walk around with this facing your audience, but all in the name of fashion.  From Umbrellas 4 Life.

Yum.  Makes me want to find a huge juicy red apple and crunch it.  Actually that is my greatest memory of Sesame Street from my childhood.  Grover I think had a skit where he crunched into a huge ruby red apple and to this day I still think of Grover when I eat a red apple.  My first crush....
This one is from Rabbit and The Duck

Another Rabbit and The Duck.  Very Retro.

Wow - love this cocktail ring.  Makes me want to eat a boiled lolly.  From Studio Leanne.

Jen and Row

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