Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beautiful Quilts

My mum is a quilter, or used to be before she found her latest hobby - card making.  However my children and I have scored some beautiful quilts in the meantime.  Although I think I just about drive my mum to drink copious amounts Kaluha and Milk just to come up with a design but we got there in the end.  My style is rather more sedate then most patch workers quilt design.  Rather beautiful are most quilts and so much work that goes into them, but I am a less is more type of person.

This quilt I have been trying to bribe my mother into making for years.  But I think it is just a bit to boring to spend all that time on.  Yes it is lovely, but when you are sewing for hours on end I guess you want a bit of colour and pattern in there.

However  she is my mum and I love her to bits and I am still working on her....

Would love this quilt in white, but the pink is lovely.

So if Mum won't come through for me (How dare she has a life that doesn't involving sewing for me!!!) I can get something very similar at Ada and Darcy.

This Moroccan Wedding Blanket from Table Tonic is beautiful.  I just want to wrap myself in it, it looks so soft and soothing, like a hug from Mum.

Hmmm, it is a cold Sunday night and all this talk of warm bedding is making me sleepy.  Is it wrong to go to bed at 7.15?

Jen and Row

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