Friday, June 3, 2011

Bird Textiles

If you are series about purchasing environmental friendly products you need to visit Bird Textiles.

Not only do they use water based and AZO free chemical dyes, they use every possible piece of fabric they can.  Offcuts from their fashion range are used to make home wares, buttons, brooches and gift items.  And that is just the products for sale.  Swing tags, office supplies and packaging are recycled and/or biodegradable as are the cleaning products and toilet paper.

This brand practices what it preaches.

However putting all that aside the designs are gorgeous.  The fabric designs have an earthy feel, and you can see that the environment is a big part of the designers inspiration.  The fashion, which is made from the same fabric as the homes wares, are very simple in their design.  But the simple designs are usually the ones that look the best.

It is definitely a site worth looking at.

Jen and Row

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