Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bangles, are they ever too big?

When my daughter started school she was not a happy camper.  She actually liked the learning side of things but didn't like not having my by her side.  A friend suggested I give her a necklace or bracelet of mine and tell her that she has to look after it for the day for me.  This apparently gives them the security that we will be back to pick them up from school.  (My daughter is showered with love so I don't know how she wouldn't know that, but new experiences for kids are very scary and their little minds work in mysterious ways.

So she looked cute.  Cute but ridiculous.

So we sat down the next morning and she picked something of mine out of my costume jewellery box.  Of course she choose a huge navy blue bangle. It was bigger then her arm and could probably be used as a weapon, but anyway, we went with that.   It is split now and not wearable, but it brings back fond memories of that day so I can't quite come to terms with throwing it out.

I need a replacement though:

I love a big bangle and this one is a stand out.

It has a pretty turquoise feather floating in it.  Some people are so clever!


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