Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Seriously -Who Wears These

Yes, I like the idea of legs that go forever as much as the next person.  I love the idea of being the cool stylish mum that drops the kids to school dressed in my skinny jeans and higher then high heels (I would potentially pop on a top as well... sort of a fashion rule for me - go out fully clothed).  However beautiful these shoes are, they will be pretty limited in their outings if they lived in my wardrobe.

So last week I meet a couple of girlfriends, one heavily pregnant the other with a 8 week old and me with a 12 week old.  I braved it and popped on a pair of high wedges.  I then proceeded to walk around the shopping centre where we meet and feel of my wedges not once, not twice, not thrice but four times.  Highly embarrassing.  At least I had undies on I guess.  So I left the shopping centre not feeling cool and stylish, but feeling like a clumsy frump.

I think it is best to leave my heels for nights out at a lovely restaurant where I will be sitting for the majority of the evening.

These ballet flats are more my style

Just to end on a high note - look at these beauties, comfort and style all wrapped up in a piece of chain and a couple of nails.   Great for a trip to the park with the kids, or just a casual day around the house......  if you are a member of the Jersey Shore Crew and your name is Bubbles.

Jen and Row

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