Friday, June 3, 2011

Embrace your curves - our Top 9 Favourite curvy celebs.

It comes as no surprise to me that Italian Vogue has embraced womanly curves and has featured a size 14 model (and Australian at that) on its cover.  Cudos to them.  The girls are gorgeous.

I think the saying that woman dress for woman rather then men is true.  Most of my male friends would say that they find a curvy woman must more sexy then a skinny woman.  My own husband far prefers my post baby curves to when I have whittled myself away to a slender size 8.

So why do we aspire to be skinny?  Is it that clothes fall better on a skinny frame?  Do we just feel lighter and healthier?  Is it the old "you can never be to rich or to thin"?

My own experience.... I like being lean (although I am not at the moment).  I like feeling lean.  I like that when I am thin my legs don't chaf.  I like that my clothes feel more comfortable when I a lean.  However I am a woman with curves.  I will never be "skinny".  I will never have the figure of a young boy and I am glad for that.  I don't find skinny woman to be attractive.  I like to be lean, but in reality I love my curves as well, I just like it when my curves are on the smaller side.

However that is just me, and I must admit some of the most beautiful women I know are on the larger side.  Is that because I know them and know what beautiful personalities they have?  Probably, but there is no denying that they are gorgeous and the curves are a huge part of that appeal.

So here are Shimi's top nine curvy women.

Scarlett Johanssen  Not overly sure on her choice of men at the moment (Sean Penn) but she has killer curves and have men falling at her feet.

Of course Kim makes the list. 

Christina Hendricks really does ooze sex appeal.

Our very own Chrissie Swan.  Her beautiful smile and gorgeous personality make us all love her, and she embraces her curves.  (Not the sexiest photo but I love how it shows Chrissie's uplifting personality)

Donna Hay.  She oozes confidence, charm and sophistication.  

Sofia Vergara.  Her killer curves are quite amazing.

Sophia Loren.  She is all woman, breathtakingly beautiful

Another celebrity cook Nigella Lawson.  Again not only is she absolutely beautiful, but her charm is very alluring.

Kate Langbroek, another funny girl (does humour heighten sex appeal - absolutely)

Jen and Row

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