Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

My kids currently are loving the Little Red Riding Hood story.  I am not a fan and try to avoid it.  I don't love that the woof eats Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma, and I don't love that Dad then comes along and slits open the woof's stomach.  Just a bit too blood thirsty for a 4 and a 6 year old I think.  However most of the old fairy tales are a little like that.  I must prefer the "Hoodwinked" tale of Little Red Riding Hood.

But these old fairy tales have some magic to them.  Last night I read Rip Van Winkle to them.  Re-reading all these old tales to my children I am left wondering what I found so magically about them because now in my infinite wisdom as an adult (God I am so boring now) I find them tedious and lacking in direction.  I have realised though that this is what I found so amazing as a child.  It is those holes in the story line that ignited my imagination.   And looking back Little Red Riding Hood was one of my favourites too.

But I think I might "lose" that book for now and maybe gain this little wallet for my daughter instead.

Wow, I just looked up google images of Little Red Riding Hood and have found they consist just about solely of Sexy Little Red Riding Hood costumes.  Nooooo

On further investigation I have managed to find some much sweeter Little Red Riding Hood products - take a look:

This lovely print from The Little Fox

Cute hair clips from Amelia Rose Photo Art

Or notepaper - such a novelty these days to receive a hand written note.

Jen and Row

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