Monday, June 13, 2011

Constructive Comment Please

I am having one of those days.  I think most business owners have plenty of "these" days.  You know the ones, where you wonder why you are doing all this work for such little return.  Then you have a little glimmer of hope that things will be ok and the passion is reignited and you are intensely pursuing your dream again.

I'm just waiting for that little glimmer of hope to hit me once again.

So I am asking for help.

Do you have a successful blog?  I would love your comments, good and bad.

Now I have followed the code of "If you love it, it is not work" for many years now and I must say that I love my blog.  It is a little thing that is just for me.  I really enjoy writing, I love finding interesting pieces to show our followers and I get so excited when we do receive comments or a new follower.    So passion is not a problem.

I do work very hard on it as well.  Most nights I post 2-4 posts and I always try to put a little of myself in each post.

So come on bloggers - let me in on your secrets.  I would love to hear from you.



  1. So glad you dropped by my blog and thanks for your message.
    Here are some tips I would give you.
    1. Readers love pretty. Add some more colour to your blog.
    2. Have a blog button made
    3. Make a banner for your blog to draw readers in.
    4. Link to other bloggers.
    5. Comment, comment, comment.

    Keep up the great writing. N x

  2. Hi Jen,

    I would second what Naomi said about adding come more colour and a button & banner.

    Also I was trying to see if you have an "about me" page or little bio somewhere as I always like to find out a little more about the writer when visiting new blogs.
    After writing this, I just saw down the botton right you have a link to your Google Profile.
    I would suggest moving it up higher and adding more about yourself, or creating a separate page in Blogger.

    Also, not sure how you write your posts, but if you haven't already, maybe check out Microsoft Livewriter as it enables more flexibility with layout and editing. It's free too. This is what I use to draft my posts as I find Blogger too fiddly. Anyway please pop over to my page to say hello and feel free to ask anything. I am no expert and still finding my way too!

  3. I'm by no means a successful blog, I've only been blogging since March but I did a personal banner, made it myself with photos.
    I made my own button, just google, there is a how to page that is easy to follow.
    Photos are my fav for any blog. If I can scroll and look at photos I'm hooked. I almost always include a photo in my blog. Mostly my own but if I have nothing, I use pinterest, or search for images / quotes on line. as long as you pay tribute to the source, adds great value to a post.
    At least half of my posts are linked up to a link party of sorts. I always make sure they are relevant, but I know most of the people that follow my blog, stopped by because they found me via a link party.
    Also, I do try and ask a question, linking back to what I'm talking about, engaging the reader, hoping that they will comment and join in the conversation (as such) with me.
    I hope that helps. Maybe stop by fatmumslim, she seems to have some great ideas and has a fab blog. You'll also see what Naomi means about pretty, fatmumslim's blog is gorgeous.
    good luck.

  4. I second everything that Naomi said.
    and what jen said too. some great advice there.
    Also, make your blog a place that you find visually awesome and it will be lovely.
    Join a network and join twitter. don't expect too much too soon. and have fun.

  5. Dont spam when leaving comments (adding a web address is considered spam) there is a way to link your profile to your website, but I can't remember off the top of my head.

    Be consistent. Whatever that means for you, whether it's posting every day, or every other day. But sometimes 2-4 posts a day can be too much (I know I pass over blogs in my reader that post too often, then eventually delete them)

    Try joining a meme, they can be a fun way to find more bogs to read, and new readers to your blog.

  6. Naomi is an absolute legend when it comes to creating a wonderful blog community so I can't add much to what she's shared.

    I would say if you're thinking about how to put her advice into action to think about the types of stores or friends homes or blogs that you like to visit.

    What are their colour schemes, are they filled to the gunnels with interesting things or is each item carefully placed?

    What catches your eye when you first enter?

    What makes you stay a while?

    And finally what kind of people do you want to attract to your space?
    Usually it's people who think and feel the same way that you do so whatever you do once they start to visit, make sure that you stop by their place & leave a note and perhaps start to visit their friends too, particularly the ones who leave comments that resonate with you.

    I wish you every success with your blogging!

    Felicity x

  7. All of this is great advice, and if you need a hand actually doing any of it, there is a link to my email in my profile. I am happy to help out and on my blog there is a section (label) called blog building which has some tutorials and tips to build a 'better' blog. the shortcut link is on the sidebar towards the bottom.

    Came via Naomi from a link on fb because I do whatever she tells me to do, it must be the Mum voice. ;) Haha.

  8. Great advice everyone.....and happy I stopped by as I will be freely absconding with many great tips that I know will apply to me as well!

  9. Great advice form everybody! I am a visual person and love everyones colourful/beautiful headers and pages! Alos came via Naomi, the queen of Mummy bloggers!

  10. Wow, what wonderful comments. Thank you so much and I am currently writing out my to do list....

    Really grateful that you took the time to help me out.


  11. I am by no means an expert as I have only recently started my own blog, but I can tell you what I like....lots of pictures! also be yourself when writing, write as you would speak, it's often easier to read that way. Hope this helps a little bit. Hang in there : -) J