Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Bird Faze

Is it a faze?  I don't know.  I am a bit perplex by it as I am not what you would call a bird lover.  I like them, but I don't want to hold them or have one as a pet.  However I am totally drawn to any thing bird like in the home decor department.  Do I get all analysisy on myself and say it is because I feel like "flying away" sometimes.  Nup, not my style, I just like a good bird picture.

I am currently trying to get my house up to scratch.  I have a newish home (3 years old) and whilst I LOVE  it, the modern homes does lack that character that the Queenslanders seem to have.  So for a while now I feel like our home has been a bit sparse and cold.  So the kids are I are on it this week to make a difference.  They are being very helpful and I am truly trying to embrace their creative ideas by finding new and interesting ways to steer them in MY decorative direction.

So Far:

  • Kids Rooms re-arranged - Check.  Much more room for them now and a cosy book corner which they love.  Maybe they will spend more time in there now. (Who said that?  Really, so rude.)
  • Lounge room re-arranged - Check.  Instead of having my lounges pushed up against the walls I have positioned the lounges in the middle of the room, added a rug (an old ugly one which will be replaced, but we can roll with it for the moment) and in turn have created a very cosy, intimate lounge.  
Next on the list:

  • Toy Room..... do anything to make it look less of storage room and more of a room that the kids might actually want to play in.  Again, maybe they will spend more time in there.
  • Our bedroom ... again storage out, play in.
  • More artwork......

So I am going to give into my bird obsession and cover my walls with bird artwork.  I really love this quirky artwork from Prince Design UK.  I am a big fan of block colours, but when you use block colours the key is texture.  The embossing on these birds are what takes this from a simple cut out to really beautiful and eye catching.  Prince Designs UK have a store on Etsy (we all love Etsy).


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