Sunday, December 19, 2010

Amazing What Mums Do....

I did absolutely nothing around the house today.  It wasn't to make a point, I just really didn't feel like cleaning up after two little kids and a husband.  Instead I had breakfast with a Girlfriend and left husband to tend to the kids.  Then I came home and finished sewing some shorts for my daughter, painted some twigs for a Xmas decoration, played with the kids and .... shock, horror, even had a rest.

Needless to say the house was an unmitigated disaster zone.  So it was quite an eye opener to realise that I must spend most of the day picking up after people in order to keep the house in basic order.  Like a said, it was purely an act of laziness today, no point to be made, but I surprised myself.  I know girlfriends and I often get together and lament about how our partners have no idea what we do all day at home, even though we are go go go all day.  The running joke in my house is that I just sit around and eat cream buns all day.  I am very lucky I must add, and have a husband that in no way takes my job as a domestic goddess for granted, so I can laugh at that joke and usually is the one to initiate it.

So whilst I thought my life did not revolve around my house I realise this is slightly untrue.  I do try very hard to not constantly pick up after my kids, because I want them to have fun, and lets face it, when you are a kid mess is fun.  So before we walk out the door in the morning, we have toys away, beds made, kitchen clean and floors swept.  Then even though at times I get a slight twitch looking at toys spread out all over the place, we don't do any clearing away until late afternoon, and I make sure the kids help.  Obviously I am kidding myself that this happens though.

I don't know if this is the best option, but it works for us.  The kids enjoy their day without me nagging them to pick up their toys, and whilst there is a fair amount of whinging when we do clean up, I think they are learning the value of having a tidy and calm room.

But lets face it when it comes to cleaning, it is always Groundhog Day.  But I found this little book about speed cleaning and anything that makes my life as a "maid" a little easier I will take on board. 

Jen & Row.

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