Thursday, December 9, 2010

Signature Summer Style

It was easy last year to stay up with the fashion trend. It was Maxi dress, or Maxi Dress. This year whilst the Maxi Dress is still popular, it is less of the summer essential as it was last year. For Australian’s this summer is proving to be a little challenging as already we are seeing that our summer is cooler and wetter than it has been in the past 10 years. So what to inject into our wardrobe?

This year we seem to be heading for the natural colours and fibres, like linen and cotton which is perfect for the really hot northern Australian climate as linen and cotton are very breathable fabrics. Linen, whilst a little difficult to get the creases out of, always looks stylish and chic especially in beige and white. A great white linen shirt buttoned low with a pair of denim shorts or jeans will not date and you will feel cool, comfortable and casual without feeling terribly dressed down or up. A great compromise either way. The advantage of this look is accessorizing. Bright beads and heaps of bangles in bright or tribal colours will give this look an exotic feel – don’t be shy with your jewellery, be over the top as only you can do with this look.

If denim is not your thing invest in some great cotton pants, in beige or white. Great with black or white this again is a very simple look that you can inject colour into easily or team with earthy colours for a laid back look. Great dress thongs with this look give it a casual feel, but if you want to dress it up a little, grab a pair of wedges. If it is a little cool, a light summer blazer in beige or white will give you the coverage you want.

The maxi’s out this year seem to be heading away from the really bright colours we saw last year (I can’t even look at my bright pink and orange maxi any more, although I loved it and wore it to death last year) and we are seeing lots of dusty blues, whites, black and chocolates. It is a nice change. The range this year is a bit more versatile as well. Last year most of the maxi’s were fitted to just under the bust, and falling from there. This year designers seem to have added lots of maxi’s with a tapering in waist and even some drop waist looks. Not the most flattering, but great for those who are a little self conscience of their waist or lack of, it is a very comfortable style as well.

The shirt dress is still quite popular this year as well. My only gripe with the shirt dress is you have to iron it and as soon as you sit down you are creased. Still it is a pretty small price to pay I guess, ironing is just a pet hate of mine. Again, go for white, black or natural colours.

Last but not least, although not one of my personal favourites is the harem pants. That is not to say I don’t own a pair..... I just bought myself a pair yesterday. They are extremely comfortable and as long as you wear a tight singlet or t-shirt with it you can get the right look. They definitely work best if you are tall, which I am not so I think I will be restricting harem pants wearing to under my own roof. Can’t deny the comfort factor though.

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Happy shopping
Jen & Row

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