Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Card Tree! Gorgeous!

Need ideas for displaying your Christmas cards? This is my favourite so far. My Mum was explaining to me how her and Dad created a Christmas Card Tree this year. It sounded fantastic, so got her to email me some photos. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised at how 'designer' it looked. They live on a beautiful cattle property in Central Qld and therefore have plenty of access to dead trees (which as you can see, has been brought back to life!).

So, they picked one out and spray painted it silver. They then hung red and green baubles on the tree and painted wooden pegs - green and red to match. The cards were then pegged onto the tree and - hey presto - a masterpiece!  Its on my to-do list next year! LOVE IT!

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Merry Christmas
Jen and Row

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