Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buying a Swimsuit

Uughhh..... Not my favourite of subjects at the moment. Although I currently weigh 10 kilos more then I like to and am sporting a big baby bump, so my choice of swimwear is maternity togs or maternity togs in the colours of black or black. Although we have found a few select maternity swimmers that don’t subscribe to “only black” look and they are available through Shimi now.

However if you aren’t in the baby way the selection of swimwear available is mind boggling, but what is best for your figure?

If you have an hourglass or curvy figure, own it and sex it up. Curves are beautiful and should be celebrated, so what better way to do that then in swimwear. Retro styles with bikini pants (rather then the itsy bitsy bikini style that hardly covers the bum) look great, with the pant style giving you that little bit of extra coverage that can help us curvy ones feel a little less self conscience. Lots of retro styles are strapless which is a great style for those with bigger breast. Halter neck for the hourglass figure as it gives the breast a lift giving a fuller look. An interesting neck line works really well for the hourglass figure as it draws the eye upwards and creates an interests away from the hips. If you are really self concience, go for black but a really great floral or bright colour can give you the confidence you are needing to rock that swimsuit.

Petite in shape, well I could just bypass you as almost every look will suit you, but lets not discriminate. Possibly stay away from those swimmers that have a shaped bust, as it can be quite noticeable if you don’t fill it out, but there are plenty of ways to enhance the bust otherwise. Again halter necks do a great job of lifting and anything with a frill on the bust will instantly take you from an A cup to a B or bigger. You can wear that tiny bikini no problems, so go for it.

Got an athletic figure and maybe need a bit of help promoting your curves? Choose a swimsuit with an interesting neckline or great bikini bottoms. This will draw the eye up or down and away from the waist. A frill here and there will on the bottom or top of the swimsuit will also give the appearance of having a little more on top or on the bottom which will make the waist look smaller.

I think go with what you are most comfortable in. But if you choose white or pale yellow be aware that the see-through factor is intensly higher and that is never a good look.

There is a style for everyone.  Shimi now has Miracle Suits available, check them out at

Happy Shopping.
Jen & Row

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  1. This is a great swimsuit shopping guide! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx