Monday, December 6, 2010

C&C California Fashion

If you like comfort but still enjoy want to stylish clothing, C&C California is the brand for you.  Lounge wear has come a long way in the past 3-4 years, with fashion evolving from Lounge wear that was really just tracksuits and baggy t-shirts, to a whole new style.  Be it leggings, a beautifully cut over sized t-shirt,  or a simple long shirt, this is the style you want to lounge in.

I am not much of an ironer, and in fact the kids and I generally just through on our clothes in the morning and hope that with body heat the wrinkles have ironed themselves out (my husband is a little more conscience and does iron his work shirts - but only his work shirts).  Usually we look pretty presentable, but occasionally I have to take the iron to something.  This is why a love Lounge Wear, most of it doesn't need any attention, just wash, dry and wear.

What is your favourite look for lounging around the house?  We would love to hear from you, tell us how you remain stylish but comfortable.  You never know when someone you might want to impress will knock on the front door - be prepared anytime.

Drop into Shimi to check out the great Lounge Wear we have available now. 
Happy Shopping
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