Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunshine Coast Holiday

We are currently enjoying our 2nd day of holidays at the Sunshine Coast is Queensland (Australia for our international followers). It has been magic, with cool afternoons and hot mornings. So by 10.30 this morning we had taken the children to the beach and enjoyed a nice long swim in the resort pool. This afternoon has been pretty much the same and I hope the remaining 4 days following in this vein.

The Sunshine Coast reminds me quite a lot of my home town – Cairns, which is probably why I instantly relax when we arrive. It has the same beachy, casual feel that Cairns does, like you could walk around in your bikinis and sarong for the day and no one would notice. In fact in Cairns, if you dress up above jeans, thongs and cute t-shirt to enjoy dinner out, you are overdressed! I would say the Sunshine Coast is probably a little less casual but don’t overdo it thanks.

The Sunshine Coast has an amazing community of artist's here as well so I am in heaven wandering through little boutiques finding interested handmade craft, great artwork and some really different and interesting fashion. (Although isn’t funny, some things you buy on holidays don’t get worn again till the next holiday – it’s like we lose our inhibition when we are not in our home town). They also have amazing markets here, which I am sure our wonderful designers would appreciate.

The last time I was here I went to a Sunday market and tried Sugar Cane Juice. You would think it would be intensely sweet, but it was absolutely delicious, and quite a subtle flavour. I haven’t been able to find it since – my search will hopefully end on this holiday.

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