Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 3 of our Holiday

Well the weather has changed and I am currently sitting in the unit watching the rain fall in the pool. My kids and husband are braving the rain and still swimming but they do have a hot spa to jump in and out of which, being pregnant, is off limits to me.

This is general for Queensland I guess, sunny one day, miserable the next and it seems to be that way every time we go on holidays. Although I enjoy the rain, it reminds me of my home town which had more rainy days then sunny. Great excuse to stay indoors and sew and paint, or hole up in the craft room.

But that wasn’t going to be the case on holidays. As much as our kids hated the idea of going to the beach (strange creatures, what child doesn’t love the beach) we finally persuaded them to make the 200 mtr trek to the beach and despite the weather we all had fun. The kids played in the sand and buried dead jellyfish whilst my husband and I played with a huge kite. I am pleased to say I am quite the expert kite flyer, whilst my husband is not! Not that I begrudge him being good and something, but he is very sporty and coordinated and constantly makes fun of my lack of coordination. So it was a silent and sweet revenge when I was able to keep the kite up in the for longer than a couple of seconds.

Anyway frustration took over for him and we ended up with a terrible tangled mess that took me the good part of a hour to sort out. So when we could take the miserable weather no more we trekked back to the unit and the kids spent the next two hours jumping from cold pool to hot spa. Kids can endure anything to have a bit of fun - I wish sometimes I could live by that motto.... "the house will still be untidy after we have fun, the mess can wait".  I think that will by my new mantra every morning.

In  the meantime I am enjoying sitting poolside (out of the rain) reading my Burda magazines for the umpteenth time decided on what handmade project I will tackle next.  I think I will try this paper twirl bowl.  I am a bit sceptical.  There are definitely projects I have tried that have been photographed really well but look pretty amateurish when complete.  But it looks pretty simple with just paper, scissors and a rotary cutter needed, and if it looks like the photograph it will be a nice addition to the table for a little while.  Paper is probably the safest with a house of young kids and cats anyway....

Jen & Row

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