Monday, December 20, 2010

Favourite Christmas Movie

Only 5 more sleeps till Christmas....  And I am still not done shopping.  I have for some reason this year braved the shopping centres and have done my Christmas shopping on foot as apposed to online like I have done for the past few years.  Not sure why, considering I am 7 months pregnant and have two little kids to deal with in the shops....  Call it pregnancy brain.  So I thought I was done today, and have discovered I am short one present and now have to go out tomorrow night - God Dammit.

However in the spirit of Christmas I am not going to moan on about how hard it is to be organised, etc.  What I am excited about is Christmas Eve.  My husband and I decided last year that it was high time we started having some traditions in our family, and last year on Christmas Eve we started one.  We decided that Christmas Eve we would make pizzas, eat together (the kids are invited) on the patio with candles and Christmas music, open a present each, and then snuggle up on the lounge to watch a Christmas Movie.  It was fun, although I think Adrian feel asleep within the first 5 minutes of the movie, but he was there in body at least.  Last year we watched "Elf" with Will Ferrel, and I would say this year will be the same.

Last year I really had to push "Elf" to my daughter - she was NOT having a bar of it, and it took all my power of persuasion to get her to watch it.  It is one of my favourites as I am a bit of sucker for Will Ferrel.  I love Anchor Man, and I could even sit through the relatively strange "Step Brothers" again.  Anyway, now she loves it and I am looking forward to watching it again on Christmas Eve, although we did watch it just a few weeks ago and we laughed so hard we snorted - which is truly the mark of a funny movie!!
Christmas themed movies were never much of a "thing" in my family, so I don't really have any other favourites, although there is always the good old "Muppet Christmas Movie".  I haven't managed to turn my daughter on this one yet, but the challenge is there.  Hensen always had the right blend of child and adult humour in a way that I don't think modern pop culture has been able to match.  Maybe my love of The Muppets and of course Semsame Street stems from my childhood of only having those children programmes to watch, but I can still find the humour in it.  I always love Grover and Gonzo, must be a blue thing....  Now we can add Will Ferrel's Megamind to the mix - again with the blue.

Anyway, we would love to hear what your favourite Christmas movie is or how you celebrate Christmas Eve.

Love Jen & Row

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  1. Sounds like a really great time! Glad to hear it! Have a lovely holiday, Kellie xx