Sunday, December 12, 2010

Xmas Traditions

Well, as is everyone else that celebrates Christmas, I am in the planning stages.  I have most of the kids presents bought, and only a few of the adults left to buy for.  Cooking and menu planning is now the next big task.  Not being an avid cook I am a little reluctant to do anything about that yet.  However I want to get my groceries delivered as one of my few hates in life is grocery shopping in the busy season.  Two kids and a 7 month bump do not make for a pleasant shopping experience.

For some reason though today the family braved our local Shopping Centre, which is a very popular one.  It was actually a remarkably pleasant experience.  I spied something today whilst looking around that reminded me of one of our family traditions, or more exactly, one of my Dad's family traditions.

Now my Dad is a wonderful man, but an typical male.  Usually he will get me to buy Mum's present for him, or if I am unavailable, it is the same brand of perfume every year.  Not that Mum is complaining about that I might add.  Needless to say, just like it is in my house, Mum always and has always done all the Christmas shopping.  But one thing that Dad used to always do when I was primary school age was buy me a present just from him.  Every year it was the same thing.... you guessed it - Perfume, and it was always a cheap brand.  At the time I didn't appreciate the thoughtfulness, but now I remember that tradition with fond memories.

So, I am now trying to encourage my husband to take up that little family tradition with my daughter (hopefully she is a little more grateful then I was).  However fair is fair, and he will have to think of something for our son now - but that is his job. 

By the way, I am sure I am getting the same brand of perfume my husband gave me last year......  Must be a man thing.

Jen & Row

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