Monday, January 3, 2011

From Old to New

http://www.i/ am determined to find my old form this year.  Even though we will be welcoming baby number 3 into the household and have some big ideas to put into action for I still have to make some time to do the things I love. 

After year number 6 as being a full time mum, as mum as I love it to bits, I think most mums will agree you lose your personality a bit.  Up until this point I have been quite happy to take on this role, but now I feel I need an outlet that is all about me.  So once bub comes along, I am joining the gym, and I will attempt Zumba.

However that is a side note.  One of the things I most enjoyed when I was a very broke student was going to opshops, finding something great that just needed a little work and creating something new from it.  It provided great original clothes without having to spend much money which I desperately needed to fuel my passion for nightclubs.  (What? we have all been there!) 

So I got into the spirit just before Xmas and (as I am 8 months pregnant and uncharacteristically could not care less what clothes I through on my bulging body) set about cutting up some of my old clothes to make my daughter some shorts.  Children's shorts - easy peasy, plus when you have pockets already sewn on the fabric, even better.  Made four pairs in under 2 hours. 

My daughters reaction (remember she is 6) "I sort of like them, but that sort of make me look like a mad scientist".  Maybe Mad Scientist is the look for this summer.....

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