Saturday, April 2, 2011

Calming Down with Essential Oils

Well after my rant about Pru Goward I do need to calm down a little.

I am a regular user of Essential Oils to enhance an atmosphere or mood.  I am very protective of my mental health so whenever I feel a little down I have a few simple things that I do to chance that mood.

Firstly :  Listen to some good music.  Well many people wouldn't call my choice of music GOOD, but if I put on a bit of Xanadu and belt out a few tunes, life is peachy.

Secondly : Dress nicely.  When feeling blue, I dress in something that makes me feel womanly and pretty, even if I am just sitting at home with the kids.  

Thirdly : Make-up.  Not much, just a bit of lippy, maybe some mascara, and I do my her.  Again, just to make me feel pretty.

Lastly : Light a few candles or get the oil burner going.  I love my house smelling nice, it makes me happy.

Jewell has introduced the most divine smelling candle - Lemongrass! Made from vegetable wax from the oil of soybeans. It burns cleanly - without the soot of a parafin candle - and slowly, so you get more for your money. Non toxic and is a by product of the soy industry, is completely renewable, therefore environmentally friendly.
Hand poured in Melbourne.
'Lemongrass candle is very uplifting and stimulating which can create a feeling of motivation'.
How do you get yourself in a good mood?
Happy Shopping
Jen and Row

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  1. Hi dropping in from the whimsical wife - thanks for your lovely comments. I just love candles burning at home - it makes the house feel so much more welcome!