Monday, April 4, 2011

My Favourite Food Growing Up

My daughter asked my husband and I over dinner tonight what our favourite food was when we were little.  It really showed how differently my husband and I grew up.
My response was all based around the delicious food my Grandmother used to make for us.  Crumbed steak, roasts, trifle, quiche, all home cooked and made with love.
My husbands response was Hungry Jacks Hotdogs (when Hungry Jacks made hotdogs).
I grew up in a small country town.  Our only takeaway should was the local fish and chip, so I hadn’t even tasted Hungry Jacks until I moved to Cairns when I was 17, not that I was missing out on much.  Even if we did have a dozen takeaways around our town, my parents would not have allowed us to eat it more then once in a blue moon as takeaway was a treat, not a regular.
My husband on the other hand grew up in Brisbane, regularly ate takeaways and had very little variety in their diet.  His family were a family that had the same thing every Monday night, the same thing every Tuesday night, you get the picture.
We have now been married 10 years, and although he is much more adventurous these days, I still struggle to get the junk food mentality out of his head.  I’m not a great cook, but I am OK, I make variety and would rather make pizza for example, then buy it.  I don’t want my kids growing up thinking that takeaway is a regular thing and we are the only people to set the example for that.

Hmm, we all grow up with different experiences I guess. 


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