Monday, April 11, 2011

I Can Do Anything

This post is going to sound a little snobby.  Don't get me wrong, I know what a lucky woman I am.  I have three gorgeous healthy children, a really great, generous and loving husband and a wonderful family (we have a few loonies but it wouldn't be a proper family if there wasn't a weird uncle in there somewhere).    And I am a stay at home mum, a role that fits me.  I spent all my working life pre-kids just going through the motions.  I've worked in insurance brokers, fashion agencies, and restaurants and I climbed the ladder so to speak in each of these industries, however I was always just going through the motions.  I have a great work ethic (as I think most of my generation do) which is why I did well in these jobs, but I was never really happy.

So, where am I going with this....

It dawned on me yesterday when I was watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

I can do anything.

The episode if you're a Grey's fan was the one when Christina went fishing.  Watching her pose for a photo of this huge fish was a bit of a moment for me.  It made me think, wow, I could be a fisher...woman if I wanted to - I don't but I could if I wanted to.  I am lucky to have a supportive husband and if that was the path I choose to follow he would go and buy me the fishing rod.

It is quite a strange feeling suddenly realising that the world is my oyster.  I have always needed some control over my life, and therefore could never quite give in to the idea of not contributing financially to my family.  I still, and I think healthily, can't conform to the idea that I am totally reliant on my husband.

So that is part of the reason why I started Shimi with Row.  To make a business that helps support our family and I guess gives me a sense of pride.  We are not there yet with the business but we are working hard to make it a success.  However who's to say I can't have success in other areas.

So I have struck Fisher woman off the list, but there are a million paths I can follow.

Do you have this sense of freedom for yourself?  Did you follow your dream?  Tell us your story.


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