Thursday, April 7, 2011

What do you wear to bed?

Sounds like quite a pervy question when I read it back.....

Anyway, it's not.

It is just that with a 6 week old baby, I have been living in either maternity pj's or oversizes pj pants and milk stained oversizes t-shirts for quite a few months now.  Not liking it.

Now, I am not a satin and lace type of girl.  My poor husband will probably never jump into bed beside me and find me in a nice little slip or cami and tiny shorts.  I am a french cotton type of girl.  I don't do nighties, but I love a really nice pair of pj's.  I don't do cartoon character pj's - actually they are a pet hate of mine.  And nothing to big and baggy, but nothing tight.

As with all of my clothing I am ultra fussy when it comes to sleepwear (except for the last few months).

So I have made up my mind, in the next few weeks I am going shopping and I am going to treat myself to a really nice new pair of pj's.  Probably from Sussan.  (If I could look like the model that would be preferable).

See, not pervy at all.


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