Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our New Favourite Blog - CRAP Mamma

As you may know from some of our past posts both Rowena and I are passionate about Mothers doing things their own way.  By this I mean making choices that are right for THEIR family rather then following various parenting books, or the advice from, well everyone that feels they know more about parenting then them.  Work/don't work, breastfeed/don't breastfeed, dummy/no dummy, co-sleep/control cry, the list goes on with the different decisions we mothers and fathers have to make.  

We love CRAP Mamma - Creative Relaxed Approach Parenting.  It's a parenting philosophy (or non-philosophy if you like) about relinquishing guilt, not worrying about what other people think and do and just doing the best you can with what you have to bring up the little people in your life.  Jacqui (the Blog's creator) writes light-hearted and funny blog post about her families antics with her 3 rambunction young boys (5yrs, 2yrs and 1yr).   Not only are they entertaining but the go a long way in making us mums feel good about our choices as parents.

Some of our favourite posts are : 

Follow Jacqui's post on her blog, on twitter and facebook.  We know you will be entertained.

Jen and Row

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  1. Thanks for the post girls, love your work. Jacqui x