Sunday, April 17, 2011

Canopy Verde - Willow Bowler bag

We are so excited to bring to you the Canopy Verde range of bags, from New York. This Willow Bowler is an updated version of the classic bowler.

I would use this bag as an all-rounder. Its great for a day out as it would hold a water bottle, some snacks, wallets and much more. Its really roomy inside. Great if you have small children where you need to carry wipes, nappies etc but don't want a big bulky bag - and want style!!! 

Fantastic with a simple tshirt, a great pair of jeans and brown boots. ...  

Earth-friendly materials & construction

• Organic cotton and bamboo blend fabric and lining
• Leather tanned without harmful chrome
• OEKO-TEX certified dyeing
• Chemical-free embroidery

Additional Features:
• Front pocket for small items
• Open back pocket for magazines and newspapers
• Interior pockets – one zippered, two open for all your accessories
• Wooden “feet” on bottom panel

Go to Shimi to see the full range of Canopy Verde bags we now stock!

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