Friday, April 1, 2011

Never thought I wouldn't like shopping

I went shopping today and I came home utterly depressed and could not wait to get out of the shops. 

I am (thanks to my gorgeous baby) currently 10kgs over my normal weight and at 5'2 that changes my body shape quite dramatically.

I'm not overly worried, but it does make dressing a bit hard at the moment.  I do NOT want to even look at my maternity clothing - 5 months of wearing the same things non stop is enough for me.  Plus nothing fits quite right and I just feel ... well, messy.  And I cannot yet fit into any of my old clothes.

We are going on holidays next week with some friends so I thought it quite prudent to have something to wear when we join the cafe society instead of milk stained sloppy t-shirts.  So the family and I ventured to DFO.  I suggested to my husband during the week that I needed to go shopping on the weekend (thinking he would kindly agree to look after the kids) and he got very excited at the idea and decided we will ALL go shopping.  Oh JOY!

I have to say the kids were all very good, especially the little ones.  Well, one is only 5 weeks old so as long as he has a boob handy (mine preferably) he is happy.  The second was at the lovely stage of tiredness where he has not hit the "I'm so tired I am going to make life hell for everyone" and has eased out of the "I am not tired at all and shall bounce around the shops like a ping pong ball" stage.  The older one is absolutely in love with the baby, so she spent all her time fighting with me about who would push the pram, of course she won (really there wasn't much of a battle, I will cope with NOT pushing a pram for a few hours).  With this she ran into walls, clothing racks and the like.  She stopped in the middle of the isle to check on her brother, put his dummy back in, cover his little legs with a blanket, etc.  All very sweet, but probably only to me and husband, not the fellow shoppers being held up by a little girl with a huge pram.

Anyway, all in all the morning was fun, however I only came away with a couple of shirts of the faulty rack.  After that I had had enough and just wanted to go home.  So I now not only do not have any clothes to take on holidays that I would like to be seen in, I have to find time to pull out the sewing machine and mend the faulty clothes I just spent money on...



  1. Such an entertaining post! I laughed at quite a few parts. Ahhh, shopping with kids... good times, good times. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Jen, I know just how you feel, love! Both me and my tween are working on losing our extra 20lbs each. Luckily we've both agreed to do weight watchers and have lost about a kilo per week. But neither of us is in a state where we like trying on clothes, which feels more depressing in spring than winter?! Weird!