Friday, April 22, 2011

My latest embarrassing moment

Well actually it isn't my latest, but for some reason brain keeps reminded me of it..

Let me first state, I was 8 weeks pregnant, very sick and not in my right mind most of the time.

Not being frequent diner at Maccas I have not idea of the latest meal deal.  Being on holidays we joined in the ritual that my sister has of taking her son to Maccas every Sunday morning.  I got quite excited to see on the breakfast menu a Tall Hash Brown.  If you have experienced morning sickness, it can sometimes be a bit like being hungover, so grease can (not always) be like bread of the gods.  So of course I ordered my "Tall Hash Brown" thinking it would be a super sizes hash brown.  Yum.  The cashier asked me to repeat myself a few times when I asked for my "tall hash brown", but I got it eventually.

Well, it looked the same as a normal hash brown to me.  I ate it anyway.

The following week we did the same.  I again ordered my "tall hash brown".  Again I got asked to repeat my order several times.  I got my has brown.  It looked the same as a normal has brown.

That is because it was a normal sizes hash brown.  There is no such thing as a "tall hash brown".   I was looking at the coffee menu, my brain just decided it wanted a super size hash brown so lets put a tall on front.

Nobody knows me there!


I week later


  1. Years ago I went to the video shop to rent the latest Tom Cruise movie and asked the guy behind the counter "where can I find A Few Good Men?". He winked at me. Embarrassing :/

  2. That reminds me of something my sister did. Having a very premature son, one of the things the physio asked her to do to improve his motor skills is some exercises with him on one of those big exercise balls.

    She went to a Fitness Store to by one and went up to a shop assistant (male) and asked him

    "Do you have big red balls?"

    Needless to say the young man didn't know where to look.