Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jackie O - The Good Mother Debate

What a disgrace the Journalist is that wrote an open letter to Jackie O.   You can read about it here:

For a very brief overview, the Journalist has a go a Jackie O for going back to work after having her daughter.  There was also an accompanying story about Jackie O bottle feeding her daughter whilst crossing the street.

Do these people have nothing else to write about?  I spent most of the day walking around the house helping my older children with games and homework whilst breastfeeding my son.  Yes it would be far more comfortable for both me and my son to sit quietly and feed, but this is the real world and it just isn't going to happen at times.  I'm sure it is the same for most mums.

As for Jackie O going back to work, nobody should be debating this decision except Jackie O and her partner.  I am very lucky that I have the choice to by a stay at home mum or a working mum and for me the right decision was to be a stay at home mum, however it does not mean it is the right decision for every woman.  I have many friends that have chosen to go back to work for different reasons then just financial issues.  One friend in particular is very honest with her reasons for going back to work, with the  top reason being that she LOVES her job.  Why shouldn't she go back to work?

I am very passionate about mothers feeling empowered to do what is right for them.  I have always found that when a mother makes a decision that works for her, it then filters through to the children, and the family has a more happy dynamic.  I have seen so many friends and associates become unhappy and depressed in the first few years after their child is born and I strongly believe that many of them felt this way because of the unneeded pressure other mothers put on them.  Yes it would be great if all woman could and choose to breastfeed, but some woman can't... and that is OK.  Some woman work, some don't .... and that is OK.

It is true that women are a women's worst enemy.  Let's hope Jackie O got a lot of support from her family and friends and no longer feels like a "second-rate mother".


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  1. Holy crap, what a witch that journalist is, with the whole 'I'm not judging, I just wondered' bullcrap. Of course you're judging you twat! And I wonder if she has any kids herself? Ugh. Women really are their own worst enemies, aren't they. How depressing. If you hear of an email campaign we can help/ be in, let us all know!