Monday, March 21, 2011

Aroma Spritz - Space Clearer

Don't you love walking into a house that smells good.  Whether it be the smell of good coffee, a cake baking or flowers, it definately will enhance the experience.  

I love my house smelling beautiful and my choice of scent is anything with Rose in it.  Jewell Skincare has just added Aroma Spritz - Space Clearer to their range.

Aroma Spritz is an all natural carefully blended room spray.  We have two different blends:
REFRESH - is very effective to clear odours and freshen wherever needed. Helps create a clearer vibration and purer atmosphere, which helps to create more positive energy.  

RELAX - freshens and helps to create a soothing, tranquil but fortifying atmosphere. This can help reduce obsessive thinking therefore bringing more balance, harmony and contentment.

Smell is a powerful sense and with something a small as an Aroma Spritz you can create a beautiful atmosphere.

Happy Shopping

Jen and Row

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